Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
by Christine Filipak

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Discover what your future holds

This original deck of fortune-telling cards offers insightful advice concerning matters of love, money, health and general prosperity. The lush artwork is based on Old World myth and lore, and blends Egyptian, Celtic and Fantasy themes in an elegant Art Nouveau style. Each card features its own unique fortune for a quick reading. An easy-to-use instruction booklet is included to provide detailed definitions as well as various traditional and original divinatory spreads. Boxed set contains 48 cards, size 3x5.

Price $15.00

The Suits

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards are organized into original and expressive "suits" which provide a unique method of divination unlike any other deck in the world.

The Royal Court represent the people who have the most powerful influences in your life.

The Realm of Fable depict strange and fantastic personifications from Egyptian, Celtic and Greek mythology which represent outside forces that guide and influence, motivate and hinder, or otherwise affect your destiny.

The Bestiary represents various creatures of legend and superstition which teach valuable lessons and truths by reducing human character traits to their most primal animal instincts.

The Treasury represents valuable mystical treasures that will aid you in the attainment of your goals and prepare you in fulfilling your true destiny.

The Elements depict celestial bodies and various forces of nature that surround and influence us every day and exert specific energies which empower us in different ways.

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The King

The Queen

The Golem


The Siren

The Raven

The Spirit

The Chimera

The Chalice

The Dagger

Winds of Change

The Sun