Buzz-Works founder Jeff Hartz brings the living dead to your doorstep with this creepy concept album that creates the horror and panic of a zombie invasion through the use of frantic emergency news broadcasts, ambient sound effect tracks and ominous cinematic music.
       A lifelong fan of George Romero's classic zombie films, as well as Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, Jeff was inspired to create Zombie Influx as a tribute to the movies that warped his mind.
       Teaming with Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski of Nox Arcana, Jeff set out to capture the terror of a zombie invasion along the lines of the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast. The result is a dark atmospheric soundscape that paints a bleak portrait of a world ravaged by the living dead.

Reviews and customer comments

Zombie Influx is a must for anyone that is looking for that creepy Halloween background music. This is a balls out creep-fest.
52 Weeks in Cleveland

THE BEST ZOMBIE MUSIC EVER. Bloody brilliant, very atmospheric, the ‘Ravenous’ Track got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up…
The Zombie Times

Collaborating with Nox Arcana, Jeff Hartz has created a fun little audio tribute to George Romero and the zombie genre. Along with some good atmospheric background music, this CD has news reports about the doomsday virus which seems to be taking over the world. It's kind of like if a zombie outbreak was to really happen, this would be the soundtrack. As usual with anything Nox Arcana is involved with, the production value is top notch and great to have this playing in the background during any haunted or Halloween event.
Kitley's Krypt

During the listening of this CD you will have a chance to feel living dead all around you and various samples will possessed you with panic, fear and other similar unpleasing emotions.
Metal Sound Magazine

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Give your haunt some "Zombiance"... Creepy, tense and disturbing.
Hauntcast Radio #18 (review begins at 15:34)

FREAK'IN WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent CD !!!!!!! Will be posting on our Halloween forums about this AWESOME cd that needs to be in anyones Halloween music library !! Can't say enough, and I am hard to impress when it come to new music / effects CDs I add to my library. I've always loved Nox Arcana's (Vargo's) CDs and I like the mix of yours and his talents on this! Thanx again, best to all further music ventures.

Heard about you on The Midnight Podcast - this sounded fantastic. I actually pulled over car while listening to write down your web address. This will be best Halloween ever.
I am very excited about selling Buzz-Works products. As for the "Zombie Influx" CD, I love it. Therefore, the masses need to know about it.
Leticia, Adamma's Notions

I love your work. Awesome stuff. I have every Nox Arcana album along with this one. Great great great!!!!!!!"