Get your go-for-the-head gear right here.

Custom Options Available on Steel Weapons. Gun cases are constructed of solid sheet steel, with clear glass, front warning labels, authentic prop guns and bullets. Saws and Hammers are made of 1/4 inch plate steel. Made in the USA.

* Guns are props, NOT real weapons. Bullets are empty casings. Blades are very sharp and are intended for display only. Keep out of children's reach. Will only ship to a US address.

NEW 12" Pistol Box

Size: 12" x 10" Price $55.00
pistol brand may vary

Mini Crossbow

Just for fun, but it could put an eye out! Requires minor assembly. Includes 3 rubber-tipped bolts, Zombie Target and Zombie Defense Shelter sign.
Price $13.00

Z-Hunter Throwing Stars

Set of 6 with nylon belt case
Star size: 4" dia. / Case size: 5"
Price $36.00

Biohazard Zombie Head-Splitter Axe

with nylon sheath
Axe Size: 14.5" x 5.25"
Price $21.00


Size: 36" x 12" Price $99.00


Size: 36" x 12" Price $99.00


Size: 24" x 12" Price $99.00
flashlight included


Size: 24" x 12" Price $99.00
no flashlight


Size: 30" x 12" Price $99.00
Zombie Killer Tanto


Size: 24" x 5" Price $45.00
Zombie Killer Machete


Size: 24" x 5" Price $45.00
Zombie Killer Saw


Size: 24" x 5" Price $45.00

Custom Engraving Available

Each Tanto, Machete, or Saw is engraved with the words "Zombie Killer." You can customize your blade instead with your own name or slogan (maximum of13 characters including spaces) for an additional $20.00 each. Click Buy to place a blade in the cart, then come back here and type your slogan and click the Add button.

Customize My Tanto

Customize My Machete

Customize My Saw